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Distraction-Free Online Study Time with Happinetz

Hello My Dear Fellow Parents,

I fondly remember when I was a young student, my mother made sure to provide me with a
safe, distraction free zone for my studies. In those times, it was very simple. She used to switch
off the TV in my room, disconnect the cable, hang up the landline phone and strictly ask me to
just concentrate and it worked for me. I used to sometimes think that I will do the same when I
become a mom.
But the irony is that I, myself handed over a device 24*7 connected to the internet to my
daughter. That’s because, today, in this digital age, the internet has become an integral part of
our children’s education.
Teachers often recommend educational YouTube videos to clarify complex concepts, and
online worksheets, online quizzes, and tests have become the norm. This necessary usage of
the internet comes with its own set of challenges.
The biggest digital dilemma is that the internet, while being a treasure trove of information, can
also be a Pandora’s box of distractions and potential dangers for our young ones. Age-
inappropriate content, addictive online gaming, and unsecured websites are just a few of the
many pitfalls that our children can stumble upon.

I recently noticed my 7 year old daughter easily getting distracted and watching fun, entertaining
content instead of her online study. In another recent instance, I opened an online worksheet for
her to do her homework and in a few minutes she came running to me asking me to buy her a

subscription to some random online game.
As parents, we want to provide our kids with the best resources for their education, but how do
we ensure their online safety?
I know many of us parents are in a similar situation, looking for solid solutions and struggling to
provide distraction-free online study time.

We all want Safe Internet For Kids!

I recently came across a brilliant solution and in this blog post I will be discussing all about it.


The Happinetz Solution:

Introducing Happinetz, a parental control system designed to provide a safe internet
environment for your kids. Happinetz is like a vigilant guardian, monitoring over 110 million
websites and apps daily to ensure your child’s online safety. It blocks over 18 million adult
websites and apps and 4 million unsecured ones, ensuring that your child’s online study time is
both productive and safe. Happinetz connects to your home router, wired or wirelessly to sieve
out any age-inappropriate content.
Happinetz works like a filter that permits only appropriate content. It sends all app and website
requests from their devices to a central filtering system which determines whether the requests
should be permitted or denied.


safe internet for kids


How to Use and Install Happinetz Box:

Setting up Happinetz is as easy as 1-2-3. You just have to follow these simple steps:
1) Connect the power adapter,
2) Connect the Happinetz box to your home router using the cable that comes in the
box. HappinetzBox
3) Download the Happinetz app on your (the Parent’s) smartphone, and follow the
step-by-step instructions to set up your child’s device. You can customize the settings
based on your child’s age and study requirements. New devices can be added at any
The app is only on the parent’s phone. Kid’s devices are simply linked to a different WiFi. The
transition is so smooth, that my daughter did not even realise that there is some change. Of
course, just her experience changed and she is now linked to safe internet rather than the
regular, unfiltered internet.
It is also worth mentioning that I, as a parent, really like it when the app notifies me about my
daughter’s devices being connected or disconnected to Happinetz. Not only that, there are
many other features that are really commendable and can thoroughly assist parents to provide
distraction free, safe space to kids for their online study time.

A few of these amazing features
are as follows :

Useful Happinetz features that help in providing distraction free
environment for kids:

1) Modes of Happinetz
Happinetz offers 3 modes to cater to your child’s different needs:
● Kid Mode – is for children below the age of 13
● Teen Mode – is for children above the age of 13
● Parent Mode – This mode is for parents connected to Happinetz devices. No
filtering system is applied in this mode.

2) Filters
The Happinetz System filters websites and apps by categorising them under 15 categories.
The categories are Safe Search, Education, Online learning, News ,General Knowledge,
Home , Family, Chat  Forum, Social Media, Video & Entertainment, Gaming, Games for kids,
Health & Finance, Shopping, Advertisements, Adult & Security.
Simply with the help of toggle buttons, we can choose to enable or disable websites and content
under a particular category & this is how Happinetz enables parents to control the kind of
exposure their kids get from the internet.

3) Limit Screen Time:

The amount of time my kid spends on the screen and internet is also one big concern for
me as a parent. Happinetz allows us parents to set the time limit for internet usage. A
device that is connected through the Happinetz System can only access the Internet during
the schedule that is fixed.
Because of this feature, I can control my child’s screen time and internet browsing activity,
remotely as well. Isn’t that simply amazing!

4) Insights
Happinetz also provides us with a list of history of browsing data of our kids. This helps in
keeping a close eye on the kids’ activities on screen and internet. But it does not provide
information on what the child did on a particular website. I think this is again a great feature as
this helps in maintaining kids’ privacy too.

5) Pause Internet

I remember an instance that happened a few months ago when my daughter was acting very
stubborn and was just not ready to let go of her screen. So I sneakily turned off the WiFi for
sometime. My husband who was watching the live stream of India Pakistan Match could not
take this for a single moment and you can imagine what happened next.
So, Pause Internet is my personal favourite feature. It helps you to pause the internet on
devices connected to Happinetz without turning off the WiFi for the entire house. This really
helps in creating a distraction free environment where my daughter has access to the device
and the study material shared by her teachers but the internet is OFF (thanks to Happinetz’
schedule feature) and she can thoroughly focus on her work. The internet remains paused
until the parent resumes it through the app.

Safe Internet For Kids
Safe Internet For Kids

With Happinetz, you can rest assured that your child is navigating the digital seas safely. It
provides a distraction-free online study environment. It also allows you to monitor your child’s
internet usage, giving you insights into their online activities.
In conclusion, Happinetz is a comprehensive solution to the digital dilemma faced by parents
today. It ensures that our children can reap the benefits of the internet for their education,
without falling prey to its potential dangers.
To know more about Happinetz, visit here. Let’s join hands in making the internet a safer place
for our children!

Remember, the internet is a vast ocean of knowledge, and with Happinetz, your child can sail
these waters safely and productively. Happy surfing with Happinetz!

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  1. Nowadays, education has shifted digital, kids relies on the internet not just to research for their projects but to also learn something new. Happinetz Box, a one-stop solution for promoting healthier and more balanced screen time for kids.

  2. Interesting post. Online study tools are helpful and cant be avoided any more. Thanks for sharing. I might try Happinetz sometime for my kids.

  3. I have read a lot about Happinetz via blogchatter. I work online and I need hi speed data and safe one as well. The part that got me interested was the installation process that you had mentioned. Its easy and instructions were really clear.

  4. Absolutely with Happinetz children can focus on studies without the urge of checking other apps or being distracted. I like the settings of Happinetz that can be customised as per child timetable.

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