My Experiments with life : What Happenened when a girl who literally drank no water started drinking a lot of water

We hear day to day about so many things that can benefit us and can make our life so much better. Things like drinking a lot of water, early to bed early to rise and so many more things but still sometimes we tend to ignore these things as we continue to be busy with our hectic lifestyles. Like we know it is good to drink 2 litres ( or more ) of water everyday but reality checker!  do you drink that much water everyday? Yes …. well that is amazing as you are reaping mind blowing benefits but if NO…You need to


Read on to know How Inculcating a habit of drinking more water changed my life for good !


You will agree with me, we all have been through this, somewhere in my twenties with a good metabolism and good everything , I had been a little careless with myself but sooner the better I realised the importance of drinking water and Man ! What was I doing before?


  1. I noticed a change in my skin tone: within 2 days of adopting the habit of drinking more water , I realised that my complexion has started to show a healthy glow and the skin tone in general is very even. I had been looking for this glow since ages , bought so much makeup and expensive skin care products for the same but Bam the secret was so simple !
  2. I realised toxins flush out of my body : like seriously I had a constipated life before,


Constipated 😛


I drank aloe vera juice first thing in the morning to relieve my system of the toxins , had fiber but the point again is I had forgotten the basics .Just a few glasses more of simple , plain water and the experience is heavenly when u feel the toxins flush out of your system.


3) I started feeling more energetic : I experienced so much energy flowing into my system with just having water . You are sure to perform so much better while working out or while doing any physical activity with a hydrated body than with a dehydrated or a less hydrated one .

4)I lost weight :

Yayyyy!!! Now this is a total win win situation. I had been trying to lose weight like since forever. I tried dieting , skipping meals, strength training, cardios . Not that i did not lose weight with all these but I had been trapped in the so called Yo yo effect Like the weight would come back if I stopped dieting . With the habit of drinking more water i felt less hungry, more full all the time and so dropped a few pounds so effortlessly.


Plus I use to be a fat face. Bloating you see. And drinking 2 litres or more of water everyday just made me get rid of that stubborn bloat underneath my cheeks. Henceforth water became my Best Friend Forever.It has made me much more beautifuller ;/


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