Speaking herb oils Moringa, jojoba, almond and black seed


Hey beauties,

In this blog post, I will be covering my take on Speaking Herb Oils.

Especially How I used and benefited from their Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Tel).

So people, in my opinion I have struck gold! Read on to know more.


I’m a huge sucker for all natural skin care products.

I have struggled with problematic skin conditions like acne, acne scars and rosacea from quite some time now. And I believe that I have come a long way in finding solutions to successfully treat these conditions.

The commitment to find natural solutions to these problems not only educated me tremendously but also motivated me to start a beauty community to help friends with the experience I gained over the years via reading extensively, experimenting and evaluating.

In my teens, I had relied mostly on dermatologists/ cosmetologists for all the skin issues I was facing then, acne being the major one.

Although medical creams, face washes, oral medications helped me a great deal at that point of time. I also went in for Microdermabrasion sessions to treat acne scars. But I soon realised that these things would treat my conditions no doubt but the overall condition and health of my skin depends upon how I maintain my skin care regime for the rest of my life.

Prolonged Chemical treatments had left my skin hypersensitive and I am till date super cautious while choosing skin care products. I love products that are natural, chemical free, paraben free, cruelty free and eco friendly. Products that in no way can harm your skin but will only work towards improving it.


When I received a trial package from Speaking Herbs, I was excited to try these oils as the brand strongly claims everything that I already stand for.

The trial package contains 4 bottles of 15 ml each. The oils are:

Black Seed oil

Moringa oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Jojoba oil

Speaking herb oils trial pack
Speaking herb oils trial pack

Packaging :

The packaging is very thoughtful and eco friendly. The oils come in glass bottles with a dropper.

This kind of packaging ensures you can directly put on the oils onto the skin or hair without being messy. Since beauty oils are supposed to be used in calculated quantity ( a few drops are enough for a single time use) the dropper efficiently helps you control the quantity to be used. I have previously used oils directly from the glass bottles. Sometimes it comes more on your palm then you put it back and this contaminates the product over time and is not hygienic.

You receive the product with an eco friendly,linen, complimentary tote bag that is biodegradable. Absolutely no plastic is used in packaging. So a big thumbs up for that.


The trial pack retails for ₹699. But is also available on their website https://www.speakingherbs.com/ for a discounted price of ₹500 plus free shipping.

Speaking Herb Oils
Trial pack closeup

The products are also available on Amazon.in

Now, have a look at the price and quantity comparison of the individual products available on the site.

Black seed oil 549 100 ml
Moringa Oil 749 100 ml
Sweet Almond Oil 649 100 ml
Jojoba oil 599 100 ml


Okay guys, so I have used beauty oils from jojoba to olive,from coconut to rosehip, you name it and I have tested it And I stay in constant hunt for products that are worth the money being spent.

So these oils are

  • 100% pure,
  • Cold pressed,
  • First pressed, ( meaning in short of the highest grade)
  • Fragrance & Paraben free.

Doing a little bit of math here,

The kind of quality and quantity you’re receiving for the price is commendable.

Guys it’s a steal !

My Experience with Speaking Herbs BLACK SEED OIL:

Black seed oil or popularly known as kalonji ka tel has many benefits. It is said that there are amazing healing properties in this oil. It has the ability to cure anything except death.

Black seed oil contains thymoquinone as an active ingredient. And therefore has  antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cancerous tumor reducing properties. It can be ingested, applied topically on the skin and hair to reap amazing benefits. So, basically it is magic in a small bottle.

The Speaking Herbs Black seed oil smells a little rubbery much similar to the actual smell of the black seeds which is a plus as it shows that there are no other fragrant add ons. The fragrance goes away within seconds of applying.


I still sometimes get acne during that time of month and I normally use Tea Tree oil directly on the pimples. And it works fine. This time I tried this Black Seed oil and you guys, was I amazed? Yes!

The acne subsided within a day and a half without leaving a scar behind.


After two weeks of consistent usage I also noticed dark spots and scars fading away.

It can be used as a part of your morning skin care regime, night time skin care routine and is also just fine under the makeup.

A drop of oil directly from the dropper, applied topically over the problem area is enough. Make sure the dropper does not touch the pimple or skin for hygiene reasons.


It can also be mixed with other oils like olive oil in equal parts for excellent moisturization + Healing.


It does not leave a greasy residue on the face.

It is also suitable for ingesting. As it does not taste that great standalone, just mix in your Juice or any other tasty food to reap amazing health benefits and achieve acne free, glowing skin.



Kalonji or black seeds have been used since ages in ayurveda to cure baldness and fight hair issues like thinning hair, premature grey hairing etc.

I’m a hair care enthusiast.

I love using hair masks, hair spas and anything that makes your hair silky and smooth.

Ever since I have got my hands on these oils, I have started adding a few drops of black seed oil into my hair mask .


You can also either apply it directly on the scalp or mix it with coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil or any other carrier oil and give your hair a nice massage for healing the scalp and strengthening the hair follicles. With a brief YouTube search, you will also find popular tutorials promoted by The Marketing Heaven on various ways of using this oil for hair.

Look how i massage my hair. Here I have used

1) a tablespoon of organic coconut oil

2) 10 drops of Speaking Herbs’ Black Seed oil.

In a small glass bowl, microwaved it for 20 seconds for a nice hot oil massage.


A few drops of black seed oil in this ensures that the mixture has healing properties. It is essential for healthy hair growth cycle that the scalp is healthy. Therefore, It should be regularly nurtured with therapeutic oils like this one to strengthen the hair follicles. It also ensures that the scalp is infection free as it is antibacterial and antifungal. It is also effective in treating dandruff, eczema and psoriasis.


PRO TIP : People like runners, strength trainers etc who tend to sweat a lot and do not wash hair daily after that gym session are the most prone to hair infections. They should definitely use this for maintaining their scalp health.


If the scalp is healthy, one can never go bald or have bald patches !


I have already started using the Moringa and jojoba oil from the speaking herbs trial pack and I’m loving the results. More about how to use and benefit from these in the next post. Stay tuned 🙂


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    1. Hey Ruhi, Depends upon your hair issues.
      Like if you want volume in your hair use volumizing shampoo…
      For Dandruff, look for shampoos containing tea tree oil. I like clear shampoo as one of the best anti dandruff shampoos. What is your Hair concern?

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