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Top Immunity Nutrients That Your Superhero Kid Needs

When Immunity Is The Best Way

In the current situation of infections in the air, it is extremely important for us as mothers of small kids to feed them immunity boosting, nutrient enriched diets.

Yes, social distancing and washing our hands are two great ways of beating the crisis but we must also work towards building a strong, healthy immune system for our kids. Especially since their immune systems are still developing.

Here are the best immunity nutrients that help build immunity in Indian kids:


Tulsi is readily available in almost every Indian household. It has powerful healing and medicinal properties. It is one of the safest and best immunity nutrients that help with immunity in Indian kids. It is a known antiviral that protects against flu and infections.

I simply boil some tulsi leaves in water, and give it to my child every morning. My daughter finds it a little bitter and therefore I add in a few drops of honey, which is also a good immunity nutrient and helps in soothing cold and cough.


Seasonal citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, plums, berries etc. are high in vitamin C and help in boosting immunity .It is better to avoid non-seasonal fruits as they are cold stored and have a high chance of being contaminated. I also avoid mucous forming fruits like banana and guava.


Leafy greens like spinach, and vegetables like broccoli and bell peppers are all great nutrient enriched sources. They contain high amounts of vitamins especially vitamin C, and other micro-nutrients that help in boosting the immune system and keeping our child healthy.


Turmeric is also the most common Indian spice with amazing benefits. It has antiviral, anti-fungal and other healing properties. It is also considered as one of the best immunity nutrients that help to immunity in Indian kids.

I try feeding ‘golden milk’ to my daughter i.e. milk with turmeric. I also add a few strands of kesar to add onto the benefits. When my daughter has a cold, I avoid giving milk though.

In that case turmeric tea made with fresh turmeric, ginger and honey is a good idea. If your child likes the taste, then there’s nothing like it! Unfortunately, my child creates a lot of fuss about it.


Mother Nature has a lot of amazing things that heal.

If it were in my hands, I would feed every possible nutrient that will help build my kid’s immunity in my kids. But my daughter is a fussy eater and after a lot of research, I started giving her PediaSure.

immunity supplements for fuzzy eaters
immunity supplements for fuzzy eaters

with its high-quality protein and 37 vital nutrients is a great way to provide complete and balanced diet to our kids. And thank God for things like these! Mommies of fussy eaters, I feel you.

My daughter loves vanilla flavoured PediaSure and it does help in strengthening the immune system. I have been giving it to my daughter for 2 years now. She used to frequently catch a cold and after I started giving PediaSure, the frequency reduced. I also noticed an increase in her height after I regularly started PediaSure. That is why I can vouch for it.

So mommies, don’t panic but stay safe!

Eat healthy food and give healthy food to your kids. It is more important than ever right now to have a healthy immune system. Take care because we can’t afford to fall sick.

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  1. Those are some handy tips ‘ ingredients to keep the immunity of our little warriors up & above . Specially in times like these. We should not take any chance.

  2. Immunity is so important for overall health and resistance against the onslaught of various illnesses. The current pandemic only underlines the importance of immunity. Immunity needs to be developed early on in kids with a well-balanced diet and good sleep.

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