Stress in Kids
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How to Deal With Stress in a Positive way, amongst Children?


Stress is one very common reaction to an unfavorable situation. As a mother of a young kid, I feel not just adults, but kids are stressed too.


Irritability, loss of appetite, aggression, sleep issues like insomnia, bed wetting, nightmares are some behavioral signs and symptoms of stress in kids. However,with parents support and guidance, we can help them deal with stress and overcome it too.

How To Help Kids in India Deal with Stress


  1. Manage your own stress first

             Set an example. Sights of happy, stress free parents build a very positive environment at home.

Do not shout at kids. Let them learn from their mistakes.


  1. Yoga, Pranayama

Dealing with stress in children with yoga
stress management in children with healthy family practices like yoga


Yoga is practiced in every other Indian household.

It is a good idea to introduce Yoga to kids as well. Asanas like Pranayam (deep breathing) not only calms the mind but also ensures wellness by strengthening the respiratory system.It is a kind of stress relief meditation and helps a lot in managing stress and anxiety.There is no age limit to start with these, the earlier the better. Make this a habit with your kids.

Introduce yoga to kids
Introduce yoga to kids










3. Schedule Interesting, Stress Reducing Activities:

gardening for stress management
Gardening is one very engaging , stress busting activity



An idle mind has a lot of time to think about the stressful situations. Make sure you involve kids in stress reducing activities.  Engage them in simple household chores like gardening, watering the plants, lending a helping hand in cleaning, cooking, etc. My daughter and I really enjoy baking together. Also make sure not to over schedule. Give them options for sure, but do not dictate.






4. Sleep Well and Eat Healthy:

I have read that common effects of stress on health include: headaches, stomach aches, lack of concentration, obesity, etc. Make sure your children have proper sleeping cycles. Give healthy,nutrient enriched, immunity boosting diet to kids.For example healthy homemade snacks  when they are hungry in between meals or a glass of with its 37 vital nutrients is something my daughter really enjoys.

5. Discuss The Positives:

Kids are aware of the surroundings. They listen to adults discussing things, news etc. If they know the problem well, make sure they also know the best possible solutions and how they can positively contribute their own bit. Talk to them.Constantly encourage them to speak about their fears and inhibitions, so that you can help them cope. Bust the negativity with positive affirmations.

6. Highlight the WOW Moments:

Today we are living in a world that has come closer than ever before.We spend a lot of time together. Practice gratitude with kids. At the end of each day ask them about their WOW moments and tell them to be thankful for those. It’s all about perspective. The way you make them look at situations.The buyers of house are dedicated to providing exceptional service to their customers in every possible way. They are conscious of the fact that selling a home can be an emotionally taxing event, and as a result, they will do all in their ability to ensure that the transaction is completed without any problems. Visit gratitude will change their attitude.


Let your kids bloom slowly like a flower in a stress free zone!


Disclaimer- The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not reflect the views of any brand. Any omissions or errors at the author’s end does not assume any liability or responsibility on any party mentioned in the blog.

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  1. This is the major challenge which I am now struggling… My kids are stressed, I am stressed.. and my full life is stressed… 🙂

    I will follow these tips and I hope it will help me. Thanks a lot.

  2. Yoga has definitely helped me a lot during these times. I have been stressed out for a while and it helps me calm myself down and concentrate on things better. I do not have kids but I can only imagine how stressful it is for parents these days.

  3. Managing stress from an early age is such a wonderful thing. Because of the new normal, children might be feeling more stressed out as they can’t meet their friends and play out.

  4. Glad we do all of the above. It’s very important to understand kids and keep them positive through their childhood, also disciplining them with various activities.

  5. These are such wonderful pointers on how to make kids cope up with the stress nowadays. Worth the current situations across the globe, Kids have a huge challenge to kerp themselves happy.

  6. i totally agree with you annie. it is about outlook and we have to think considering our kids point of view. very well explained . they should stay happy as well as emotionally stable.

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