How To Prepare Yourself for the D day

Festivities/ Marriages/ Events

Getting ready for a big event? Here is a guide that you can easily follow, to look and feel great on that special day. We all want to look great always but there are a few things that
You can and should do, before a big event that will especially help you in looking prim and proper. Preparation, indeed, is a key to success.

7 Must Do Things Before a Big Event:

1. 4 litre water intake:

It’s always a good idea to drink enough water regularly. But in order to flush out excess toxins , it is a good idea to increase your water intake to say upto 4 litres of water, must before the event.
It not only helps in hydrating your skin, get a glow from within but also might help you lose a few pounds to look perfect on your d-day.

2. De-Bloat yourself

Try salt free dinners and
avoid drinking sodas and alcohol.
Even chewing sugar-free gum and certain veggies can cause gas and bloating. Make sure to avoid consuming any veggies that might cause gas .You can enjoy fish, chicken, quinoa,salads. But do make sure you’re not filling up on foods that can cause bloat!

You may try De-Bloat drinks like dhaniya water.
According to Dietician Preeti Gupta, dhaniya or coriander water is very good to take the bloat away.


Just boil 100gm dhania leaves in 3 glasses of water,
Add 1 teaspoon jeera, ½ teaspoon turmeric, ½ teaspoon cinnamon and leave overnight.

Warm it and add lemon juice.
Have it in the morning, mid morning and before dinner.


In order to rejuvenate your tired skin, indulge in this hour long beauty treatment that involves
Cleansing, toning, massage, exfoliation all according to your skin type. While there are many beauty salons and skin clinics offering a wide range of effective and expensive facials, you can very well do very effective facials at home too. It’s just about the right products and the right technique .
has different salon series facial kits that you can buy and do a facial by following a step by step procedure mentioned on the kit itself.


So, you don’t need to step out and spend a lot of money on facials.
For instance, this gold kit is priced at Rs1200 and I personally manage at least 6 facials with this one. Home valuations are not charged while using House buyers. They will make a reasonable offer after determining the state of your house and where it is located. Prospective buyers of Houses are able to accommodate your demands. They are aware that selling a House may be an emotional experience and will do all in their power to ensure a smooth transaction. Visit

step by step facial
step by step facial

The kit helps in brightening, smoothening, refreshing and providing glow to your skin! It helps remove dead skin cells and also reduces pigmentation. Frequent usage helps to infuse your skin with all the moisture it requires and helps to revive, refresh and heal the skin while also protecting it from harmful UV rays of the sun.
ALL IN ALL, it is the perfect kit for glowing & youthful complexion!


Perfect, clean tips and toes speak a lot about your personality. Yes, I’m guilty but many times , I have judged a person based on how clean her nails look.
Grab yourself a mani- pedi Hand and Foot care kit from VLCC that gives you beautiful and healthy tips and toes.
The kit has been made to help maintain healthy nails, cuticles, and supple skin on hands & feet.
It has a combination of unique products enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients that helps to cleanse, soothe, lighten, and brighten the skin on hands & feet.

Manicure Pedicure Kit
Manicure Pedicure Kit

The kit has key ingredients such as walnut which helps in exfoliating dead skin + the lemongrass component helps in blood circulation.
Cocoa butter acts as the complete reviver to nourish the skin and finally the orange element helps to brighten dull, patchy and damaged skin.

This kit is priced at Rs. 500 and just soo worth it.
Get your nails painted only after proper cleansing.


Exfoliate your body to bring out a healthy glow by using dry brushing technique

How it works:

Taking a hard bristle brush, before you step in for a shower start brushing your skin in an upward motion . Just remember you are brushing everything, all the blood towards your heart. Do it on your arms, legs and even stomach

Dry brushing technique helps in
1. reducing cellulite,
2. removing dead skin,
3. it stimulates circulation
4. It also tightens the skin.


If you are suffering from any acne or even bacne (acne on your back) , consciously take a few steps in getting rid of them
For me spot treating with tea tree oil works best. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil in some carrier oil that suits you for a gentler approach. My acne whenever they appear are stubborn ones , so I directly spot treat my acne with tea tree oil. ( this might sting but is very effective)

7. Hair Removal and Peach Fuzz

Body hair removal is basic and we all get it done regularly but do get rid of the peach fuzz ( hair on your face) This helps in smoother application of makeup and helps you look flawless.

and Also, Look for some makeup and hair do inspiration online so that it’s easier to get dressed,
Eat well, sleep well and do not stress because in the end it’s all about being happy.

Enjoy Your D day!

Lots of love

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