How To Be a Strong Woman

How To Be A Strong Woman | Life Lessons For Women

Hey Beauties,

Over time we all learn a lot. I have jotted down a few life lessons from my personal experience that have really helped me to become a strong woman. I am sure they will help you too. So here are 13 very important motivating lessons that I learnt and adopted . These have been a total game changer for me:


1) Being women we always have to prove ourselves a little extra. Don’t cringe .

If we have to prove, we also have the ability to prove. We can !

2) Being women we also have many responsibilities on our shoulders, house ,kids,and in all this if you have an unfulfilled dream don’t just let it be. Work towards it!


There is a reason our Goddesses are shown with so many hands. Idolize them & Empower yourself. Know that you can and you will. Here lies the beauty of being a women and my idea behind #shemeansbeauty.

     3) Be kind, Be polite. Don’t be rude because you do not have that kind of time in life.

            To be rude, and then say sorry for your behavior. Behave responsibly , Save your time. Check

Your manners are your beauty.
Your manners are your beauty.

     4) Be Calm, Never try to win an argument. It’s not important. Just Be firm in your head.


5)Workout and don’t forget to eat your vitamins.

6) Learn to maintain a healthy work and personal life balance. It’s an art.

7)Do things for peace of mind and that make your soul happy. That is what really matters!

8) Work hard and present yourself in the most original manner.

9) Don’t be afraid of people judging you.

10)Never stop Dreaming ! Always Have goals and keep working towards them.


11)There is a solution to every problem in the world. Find it calmly .


12) Never say I cant do all this, I’m not a Super Woman. You are not just a Super woman, You are a Super Duper one. Go win the World !


13) With love you can get things done!


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