Because a better life just does not happen by chance, it happens by change.


By Annie Arora

Plan it:

A little planning just doesnt hurt anyone. The habit of planning your day goes a long way in improving the standard of your living. Your life will be more meaningful if it is planned properly. Going with the flow is very easy but sometimes the last minutes hush hush can land you in panic mode. So plan a little ahead of time. Be it what you will cook the next day to what you will wear the next day to work. I specially plan my weekends so that we can make the most of it and spend quality time as a happy family. It may sound trivial but it gives you a great sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. What else do you need in life?


Eat and drink mindfully.

This body that we have been gifted with is a temple and good health is a boon. It is not difficult to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Whatever we eat or drink can either benefit us in many ways or harm us in many ways. So we have to be very mindful while food consumption. We tend to eat a lot of food mindlessly leading to weight gain. And weight gain/ obesity mind you dear people, is number one depression causing ailment.  So let that beast not take over you. Be a mindful eater in 4 simple steps.

  1. Count your calories.
  2. Read food labels.
  3. Keep a little knowledge about what is actually good and bad for you instead of  looking for shortcuts. Remember there is no shortcut to good health.
  4. Drink water. Count your glasses and make sure you complete your daily target of say minimum 8 glasses. Do this and watch half of your health problems vanish without any medicine.

Wake up early, WORKOUT  and mind your own business:

A study tells us that four hours of good sleep is enough to get you going. Ok let us say 6 hours should be sufficient and eight? More than sufficient.

The art is long and time is short and one easy way of adding more hours to your day is to wake up and get going. You can do whatever you wish to, just wake up and do it instead of just sleeping and dreaming about doing it.

But what is the use of waking up early if you cannot mind your own business and you poke your nose into others’ and waste your precious time just giving free advice. Trust me, no one needs it. Never advise unless you are asked to do so.

And Working Out my friend is one gift that you can gift your beautiful self for your overall betterment. Just pick up any activity that you enjoy the most , be it strength training, swimming, running , yoga etc, and get going.

Good things do come to people who move. The mind will benefit from stillness and body from movement.

Small changes but powerful outcomes. Enjoy a healthy , improved life 🙂


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