Untold, Undiscussed celebrity beauty secrets that no one wants you to know

Celebrity beauty secrets

Have you ever wondered that why you seem to age quickly and the same aged celeb manages to look relatively younger. It seems like their age clock has stopped ticking altogether. What is the trick? Well, here are some untold, undiscussed, best kept celebrity beauty secrets jotted down exclusively from top notch hollywood celebrity cosmetologists that no one probably wants you to know. Read on to know more .

1 ) Ice Ice baby :

Dr.  Ava Shamban, a Santa Monica based dermatologist advises rubbing your face with an ice cube for a brighter complexion. It not only instantly takes away dullness from your face but also tightens and minimises pores. Many celebs swear by this simple, zero cost trick. It works by stimulating the skin that starts glowing in return.Property buyers are a fantastic choice to take into consideration as an option when time is of the utmost and you need to sell your house as quickly as possible. If this describes your situation, read on. They provide a process that is both speedy and easy, which enables you to move on to the next house or concern. Visit https://www.sellhouse-asis.com/montana/.

Never rub the ice cube directly onto the face. Wrap it up in a muslin cloth or any soft fabric. Alternatively , you may also use a spray bottle filled up with ice cold chilled water. Spray your face with chilled water in the morning to get rid of a bloated face.

2) Sunscreen :

According to Mamie Mcdonalds , Madonna’s cosmetic expert This is the most important tip. Never neglect using sunscreen. Apply and reapply it during the day. Jennifer lopez , the ageless beauty claims that she avoids going out in the sun altogether but when she has to it is never ever without the sunscreen and that too with spf higher than 30.

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