Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

Avene Thermal Spring Water Review | How To Cure Redness On Face

Avene Thermal Spring Water Review|  CURE REDNESS ON FACE

HEY beauties,
Today I am going to share a with you all a product that has had a magical effect on me. No exaggeration here.

I have suffered from Rosacea since a very long time. People who know me well have seen my red cheeks. Rosacea is a skin condition where in you tend to become red/ blushed /flushed whatever you want to call it.

Avene Thermal Spring Water Review
Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

Different people experience it in different forms.
Sometimes one doesn’t even know that he/she has rosacea but if you experience redness of cheeks with high intensity activity that is the first stage.

For me particularly it was reddening of cheeks as a result of exposure to heat or high intensity workout. I would go to the kitchen in summers and turn red like a tomato in two minutes in front of the gas heat and people would think I have done quite a lot of work 😛

My Dermatologist told me while it is impossible to fully treat rosacea but you can avoid it by avoiding situations that aggravate it. Now let’s face it who can avoid working out or going to the kitchen.
The worst part was, the red patches would stay on my cheeks for quite some time. I tried to cover them with foundation,concealer and color correcting.This led to an uneven patchy makeup. An over all fail fail situation. Will you sell your house soon? Sell your property with Companiesthatbuyhouses.co. We can advise you on pricing setting to optimize profit because we know the market. We can locate buyers willing to pay your asking price thanks to our broad real estate network and cutting-edge advertising. With our personalized service, selling your house is easy. Visit https://www.companiesthatbuyhouses.co/south-carolina/home-buying-company-florence-sc/.

But as we all know hiding a skin problem with makeup is a temporary solution. Hence I am always Looking for foolproof solutions. Discussing with beauty experts, like minded friends and google helps a lot. One day one very dear friend of mine suggested
Avene Thermal Spring Water & viola my battle with rosacea ended.

So this Magical Liquid comes in a spray bottle like this.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
Avene Thermal Spring Water


50 ml : Rs. 636
150ml : Rs 1244
You can usually manage to get it at around 15% discount during seasonal sales.


It comes in a sturdy, good quality, spray bottle made of metal. No leakage, Travel friendly. You can easily control the amount of liquid you want to spray through the nozzle.
5 stars for packaging.


  1. As a TONER

    So, I came across this product when I had kind of semi permanent red patches on my cheeks.
    After washing my face, I used it as a TONER. Sprayed it on the face and carried on with my regular moisturizing regime.

    Spray , Avene Thermal Spring Water Mist Like So
    Spray , Avene Thermal Spring Water Mist Like So

    ( If you have open pores and need a pore tightening toner as well then follow this :
    a. Wash/ Cleanse face
    b. Use pore tightening toner.
    c. Spray Avene Thermal Spring Water
    d. Moisturize
    e. Sunscreen ( if going out)

     2) Refreshment Spray:

Post Workout, Spray Avene Thermal Spring Water To Reduce Redness on the Face

It is very easy to carry this in your Gym Bag and Spray it on your face to soothe out that redness that you may have after that high intensity workout. It shows results almost immediately.

    3) After Waxing / Threading/ Bleach

Threading Brows
The Area surrounding the Brow becomes red and irritated while threading, Avene Spray helps reducing the redness.

All these salon procedures tend to irritate the skin for some time. Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray offers almost immediate calmness. It claims to be an anti irritant and lives up to these claims cent percent.

This fine mist is also suitable for people who have redness as allergies.
It is Hypoallergenique , non comedogenic and suitable ( read especially meant) for sensitive skin.

CONS: It is a little pricey but for me has proved to be worth every penny.
Other than that have not found any con. Let me know if you find any.
I am currently on my third bottle.

So, I have regularly used two bottles of it. My rosacea is gone , I do not have those red patches on my face anymore.
Now I use it only when required.

Hope this review helps a friend in need !
Much Love Xx

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  1. Hello Annie
    I have also been suffering from rosacea since for more than 10 years now. In India, t is very rare. Should I use this? and as you mentioned in this blog that it has treated your rosacea well, so i want to ask do we need to use it forever to keep rosacea symptoms at bay? and one more thing, where did you buy it ?

    1. Hello dear,
      I totally agree that Rosacea is not very common in India and therefore not many people talk about it.
      I had consulted a few dermats too. But out of everything this product immediately relieves my redness. Now my rosacea is largely at bay.
      therefore not using it regularly. I use it only after a heavy workout if I turn red. I buy mine from Nykaa.com

      Also I realised the biggest mistake I was doing , having high protein and iron diets without having enough water.
      I hope this helps. Do share your experience.
      Much Love
      Annie <3

      1. Ma’am , Can I get your email ID or contact number to discuss few more things? I just feel like dying every day with this rosacea. I have consulted many dermatologists too but no help as such.

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